Uses of Portable Storage Containers in Business

A chaotic work environment can dampen productivity, efficiency and employees’ morale in the workplace. If you have been operating a small business for some time, your growing company may be accumulating more stuff than your storage area can handle. This can result to a cluttered workplace and inefficient operation.

Portable storage containers can be the most affordable and practical solutions for storage and extra space required by expanding small businesses.

Storage ContainersA portable storage container is a flexible, affordable and environment-friendly storage solution that has gained wide acceptance among businesses as convenient and economical solution to requirements for an additional space to handle inventory, equipment, supplies, temporary selling area, or office.

A portable storage container can serve as a semi-permanent improvement to a lot and provide a bigger operating space at a fraction of the cost of erecting a permanent building extension.

Portable containers are usually refurbished retired shipping containers that were originally built to withstand inclement weather and unstable ocean climates, carry heavy loads and serve various stacking needs. They are wind-resistant and leak-resistant. These durable containers have extended their functionality to serve the growing needs of businesses for affordable, convenient and durable storage and additional space.

Moveable Container Storage provides sturdy, economical and portable storage containers at affordable prices, flexible arrangements, and convenient terms. We are proud to serve the needs of businesses and individuals in different locations across the nation. We are the trusted partners of growing businesses and households. Call us and tell us how we can meet your specific requirements.

If you still haven’t explored the potential of moveable storage containers as more economical and convenient solutions for many of your operating or storage needs, here are some of their benefits and uses:

Uses of Portable Storage Containers


A portable storage container can be an extremely useful storage for various things.

Many companies opt to buy their supplies or materials in bulk to take advantage of huge volume discounts. Some even order their requirements for a year to save on purchase costs of these items. You can store office supplies or raw materials in a portable storage unit where they will be safe from dusts, pests or rainwater leaks.

containersIf you are operating a retail company that has to stock up and store seasonal excess inventory and you need an extra space on a temporary basis to accommodate them, renting an onsite portable storage container is a more efficient and cost-effective option than leasing an offsite warehouse on a year round basis. Likewise, a portable storage unit can be a practical and convenient way to manage stocking for a new store.

Renting a personal storage container on as-you-need basis is a more practical and economical way to manage short and temporary surge in inventory levels.

Storage containers are ideal holding places for files and documents that are not actively used in current operations but are required by regulations to be stored inside business premises. Your important documents will be protected from being misused or misplaced, from water leaks, or from other operating hazards of your business.

Moveable storage containers are safe and secure storage for pieces of furniture or equipment that are not currently used, but are not also up for disposal anytime. If your office has extra desks or chairs due to downsizing or employee resignation, you can keep them temporarily in a storage container where they can remain dust-free. Hiring an additional employee may also require some rearranging and extra storage space to store things that will have to be displaced to give way to the new employee.

If you are doing some office renovations, you can protect valuable items, inventory, supplies, or furniture in a portable storage container to keep the dirt, dust and rainwater away.

Temporary Office Space or Working Area

It is possible to customize or design a portable storage container to be a convenient and comfortable working area for your employees while the main office is undergoing renovation or is otherwise unavailable as in emergency or disaster cases.

Portable storage containers can be used as a secure and moveable tools storage or office that can be transported between sites. It can also function as a meeting area for supervisors, workers and management.

Portable storage units offer practical and flexible options to help you run your business more productively, efficiently and profitably. Moveable Storage Containers offer both rental and outright purchase of high quality and durable portable storage containers to suit your operating requirements. We are proud to be your partner in growing your business.

Callaway Golf Clubs: Tour-Tested And Tour-Proven

Callaway is a name almost synonymous to golf. Longtime golfers know about its quality and durability. From the Big Berthas to the metal woods, Callaway golf introduced and keeps on introducing golf clubs that can improve your golfing experience. Being one of the largest golf equipment companies in the world, Callaway golf clubs are used by professionals and amateurs alike. Just what does Callaway golf offer, and is it the right fit for you? Continue reading to find out.

Golf ClubsA golf club is the tool golfers use to hit the ball. It consists of three parts: the head, the shaft and the grip. While the rules of golf constrain golf club design, Callaway golf still manages to create a design that maximizes a golfer’s swing.

A complete set of 14 clubs consists typically of three woods (1-driver, 3, and 5), hybrids, seven irons and a putter.


These clubs are used to hit the long shot and have the lowest loft among all golf clubs. This is mostly used if the distance between the tee and green is around 450 yards. It has a hollow body and a large head designed to give your swing power to make the ball travel a long distance. The flagship driver of Callaway golf, the Big Bertha Alpha design Driver, features the revolutionary Gravity core that maximizes distance. Gravity control adjustability lets you adjust unwanted spin so the ball’s flight is optimized and gets a longer distance. With its adjustable hosel, golfers now have an added adjustability. This, in turn, optimizes launch angle and gets you more ball speed and distance.

Fairway Woods

Callaway Golf ClubsA 3 wood has a loft of around 15 to 18 degrees, while a 5 wood has a loft of around 20 to 22 degrees. A higher golf club number indicates a higher loft. These clubs are most commonly used during the second shot of the play, when you are supposed to be in the fairway of the golf hole, thus earning it its name. The Big Bertha Fairway’s Hyper Speed Face Cup and advanced adjustability control give the ball more speed and provide you with more control over the trajectory. The technology behind this makes a more robust 455 carpenter steel face and allows for a more consistent distance.


Hybrids are recent developments in the world of golf clubs, which has caught the interest of most professional and amateur players. Hybrids combine the design of a fairway wood, and the shaft of an iron length. The popularity of hybrids caused many golfers to replace their 3 and 4 irons. Callaway’s X Utility Prototype Irons, which it dubs as, “tour test and tour proven” truly has the versatility that makes elite golfers prefer it instead of the other brands. Its tour-inspired sole allows it to move through grass easier and penetrate tougher lies to create a higher launch angle.


These golf clubs are generally used if you are within a distance of 200 yards from the green. The standard iron set is made up of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons and a pitching wedge. The prime construction of Callaway’s Apex Pro Irons makes it a favorite among elite players. The 1020 carbon steel used in forging this set of irons create a soft and responsive feel.


Callaway GolfWedges, most commonly referred to as specialty irons, are used when you are close to the green. The driving technology behind wedges is mainly based on the need for increased shot control and shot shaping. Golfers can choose between Callaway’s two Mack Daddy 2: slate, or chrome. The 5V groove pattern creates 25% more spin, no matter which option you choose.


A putter’s sole purpose is to get a golf ball into the hole. This kind of club is used when the golfer is really close to the green, around a stone’s throw away at the most.

Whether you are a professional golfer, a hobbyist or a first-timer, Callaway’s golf clubs are designed to do one thing: to let you put that golf ball into the hole.

How To Wear Your Custom Lanyard?

We have been using lanyards since forever – at school, at work, at events, or maybe during social gatherings. Maybe we don’t know that we do, because, heck, what is a lanyard? Why does it sound so foreign? To put it simply, a lanyard is a cord, or a strip of cloth, or any material that is string-like, where we can suspend or attach objects to. In our daily lives, we mostly use it around our neck to carry our identification cards – but there are more ways to wear lanyards, and more ways to use them, that we may not have realized or just haven’t thought about particularly.

Here are a few tips:

1. Wear it around your neck

LanyardThis is pretty obvious and we have already mentioned it. But have we said anything about what to attach to it, particularly for those with clips on the end? We’ve discussed IDs, but mobile phones, coin purses or even keys are good, too. In fact, we can virtually suspend anything or maybe everything on it! A pair of reading glasses, a whistle or a timer for sports coaches, a flashlight for security guards, a compass for hikers, anything you can possibly think of!

2. Wear it on your shoulder

Not a very conventional way to wear lanyards is putting it on your shoulder, like how you wear a sling bag. This is a more convenient way to bring along heavier stuff, such as your hiking or running essentials like water bottles. The same items mentioned above can work with this, too. This is an option for when your neck becomes tired of the weight, or just for when you want to do something different.

3. Wear it on your wrist

Another way to wear lanyards is to wear it on your wrist. Yes, you heard that right! This can be for short term use, because this allows for easier access, such as easily accessing your keys or whistles. The next time your neck feels itchy from using a lanyard, you already know that you can always opt to wear it on your wrist.

4. Wear it on your bag

Yes, wear it on your bag! Who says you should just wear lanyards on your body? Just tie it up on one of your bag straps and maybe attach an ID or a sign, which says “don’t steal this bag or else…” That would be an awesome way to shoo off those nasty bag stealers!

5. Be creative!

We have worn it around our necks, on our shoulders, on our wrists, and on our bags. You can always find ways to spice up your lanyard game. Think outside of the box!

ID HoldersLanyards have essentially been part of our daily lives, and for good reason. Lanyards are not only practical and useful. They are fun to use, too, if you just let your imagination run free. There are so many different ways to wear and use lanyards, and maybe we should just let the ways count themselves. There are too many for us to list all of them! What we can do right now, is to decide how we want our lanyards to be like, and we at The Lanyard Factory are here to help!

We make custom lanyards to fit your specs – what material, what size, what attachment, everything that you need. We make these things possible by collaborating and deciding with you all the way. Our custom lanyards are made with your satisfaction in mind.

This means we do not only make custom lanyards with great quality, but we also deliver on time, and we make sure that we understand and produce what you want, exactly as you say so. We make custom lanyards for companies, schools, organizations, events, concerts, whatever it is you need them for. So, the next time you need to have custom lanyards, know that you can always contact us.

An overview of multi-layer rigid and flex PCB fabrication

PCB fabrication is an all-important process in the entire system of creating circuit boards. They are the main building blocks that make electronic and computer equipment work. In electronics manufacturing, the board layers are assembled with a particular surface pattern. Many companies offer PCB manufacturing services and supply PCBs to other companies. One such company is Illinois-based Imagineering, Inc., which has been in operation for 20 years. So far, more than 2,500 companies have trusted them with their PCB needs, among other related services.

PcbPCBs are typically built on sheets that have copper surfaces, materials for flexible circuit and membrane switches, and rigid laminates to be used on the circuit board.These sheets are basically insulators, and are called substrates. Substrates are typically made from special polymers, Teflon and ceramics. Imagineering, Inc. offers multi-layer rigid and flex PCB fabrication. They also offer hard-to-procure substrates like Aluminum-core PCBs.

Flex circuits are PCBs that have, as the name suggests, flexibility.

Flex circuitsThis allows it to have three-dimensional configurations which can save up to 75% of space. If board thickness and space constraints are issues in the electrical connections, using flex circuits is the perfect solution. It also has the feature of vibration and shock resistance, which saves up on repair and replacement costs. It has all the features of a rigid PCB such as high density, reliability and repeatability, but with the added feature of the board conforming to a desired shape during its application. A multi-layer flex circuit contains three or more conductive layers. These layers have flexible insulating layers in between each one. The connections between layers are done through plated-through holes. Flex PCB fabrication has a customized routing path that is repeatable. Even though it is quite thin, it is quite durable and its longevity has been proven in the market. Flex PCBs are commonly used in consumer electronic devices with tightly assembled electric connections, hard disk drives and desktop printers. They are also widely utilized in industries such as Communications, Industrial, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Military, and Transportation.

There are also PCBs that are called rigid-flex. Rigid-flex PCBs are a combination of rigid PCBs that are connected by integrated flex circuits. Flex circuits can be added with rigid areas to provide hard support for sensitive connectors and components. Multi-layer rigid-flex circuits have two or more conductive layers. These layers contain flexible or rigid insulation in between each one. Rigid-flex PCBs are ideally used for circuits where the components must be mounted on both sides of the board. The integration of resistant areas which are rigid and the resilient areas which are flexible combine the best of both worlds. There is usually a smooth transition between rigid and flex surfaces on a PCB. There are important considerations in designing and fabricating a multi-layer rigid-flex PCB. These considerations are materials selection, the number of layers in the design, adhesion methods and control over dimensions.Rigid-flex PCBs

During the manufacturing process, their PCBs pass through stringent quality standards tests, including 6x solder tests at temperatures of 288 degrees Celsius. This assures customers that their PCBs are of the highest quality and will work efficiently and reliably.

Imagineering, Inc. adheres to PCB fabrication standards. All PCB manufacturers are asked to follow the RoHS directive which prohibits the use of certain raw materials in products. RoHS stands for The Restriction of Hazardous Substances and it is a European-initiated directive that bans these hazardous and toxic substances from manufacturing processes: lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated biphenyl ethers. This stems from the issue that electronic equipment made with lead and other hazardous materials that are thrown in junkyards mixes and dissolves with rain water and go straight to the water table. When a community drinks contaminated water, it leads to a serious host of health problems, affecting the central nervous system, kidneys, reproductive, and circulatory systems.

Safe and hazard-free materials in manufacturing PCBs include Isola and Nanya products. Instead of using traditional solder materials such as tin and lead, PCB manufacturers are now using replacement such as copper, immersion tin, immersion silver, and immersion gold in gluing the electronic components together. Aside from the replacement materials listed above, Imagineering, Inc. also uses an organic solder preservative called ENTEK/OSP.

How to Take Advantage of Custom Coins

There are many uses of custom coins. In 1930, it was first developed as marketing items to somehow strengthen the connection of people as well as their friendship and success. In addition, the military workforce use these coins in order to practice the so-called military challenge to provide exceptional awards and public awareness to officials within the units including the air force, coast guard, marines, navy, and other army groups.

Custom CoinsCustom coins are also referred to as challenge coins. They are small, circular items wherein the emblem of an organization is printed on the coin. Members value their coins as it aims to promote their association and provide brand awareness for marketers. Members can obtain the coin and exchange them with other members. Most coins are actually used in showing respect to every member in the organization.

Great Benefits of Using Challenge Coins

If you have challenge coins, this is a great way to honor co-members who have performed well in their duties. Commitment is also what these coins portray. And since we’re in the modern times wherein technology has great impact on all individuals today, the custom coins sale has significantly increased. In our company, we are glad to serve all our customers who need challenge coins for their organizations.

Our custom services for coin production helped us in making sure that we produce unique coins that our customers exactly need. Purchasing challenge coins is not expensive. In fact, our custom packages are guaranteed to provide you with budget friendly offers to meet your specific requirements. If you want coins that are specifically designed to your organization, please send us your design and we will take care of its production.

How Coins Are Made

With two main manufacturing processes, you don’t need to spend huge dollars just to buy these coins. We make our products through zinc alloy casting and die struck or bass coin process. Our experienced team of coin makers uses passable and affordable quality coins. At times, we make use of costly bass coins for those who want more valuable medallions for their organization.

So if you are currently in need of quality custom coins, we’re here to help. You can check out our webpage to see how we make these coins and find which ones can suit your needs. If you’re looking for the ultimate way to promote your brand, our coins will support your goals in no time. By just having custom challenge coins, you are sure to reach your business objectives with an increased clientele base in the area.

What Others Say About Military Coins

In fact, many business owners claim that it’s better to use these coins than making posters and flyers for effective brand promotion. Apart from business purposes, you can also use these coins as gift ideas. If you want, we can show you more options to choose from in order to help you get what you exactly need. Our awesome and well skilled graphic artists are available to ensure that you receive premium coins you truly deserve.

For more convenient ordering, you can place orders online or kindly read the instruction on the site to simplify the process. Over the years, more and more people including collectors who enjoy buying coins with ultimate quality and value. Hence, the growth in sales relatively increased compared to the previous decades. There are even those who commit themselves in collection coins as their passion. Our site will give you wide selection of quality coins to match your preferences.

Choosing a Reliable Local Coin Manufacturer

Nonetheless, challenge coins simply make it more valuable when it comes to development of camaraderie, persistence, and hard work. Everyone deserves to be rewarded with something of value. Be proud of your organization and show your commitment through custom military coins that we offer online. Check out our gallery to witness great coin designs and find what you’ve been looking for. Personalized coins will transform how you do business today according to experts.

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Our custom services for coin production helped us in making sure that we produce unique coins that our customers exactly need. Purchasing challenge coins is not expensive

Custom Pins: Not Just the Base

People might always think of pins to be made up of just one small piece with intricate design and bright colors. Well, there is more to custom pins than just the base. As time passed, pins started to evolve into more complicated, yet more fun pieces. Custom pins are now made up of add-ons which are fun to play with and also good to brag about.

custome pinsOne famous pin design is the pin on pin. As its name suggests, it is simply another smaller pin attached to the base to produce a 3D effect. This also makes the pin thicker and larger, therefore increasing its value for trading. Another common add-on is what they call danglers. These are smaller pins attached to the base using a chain, so that is hangs from the base of the pin. This gives the pin a “keychain” effect. It would be like owning two custom pins in one. The bobble pin, or the bobble head, on the other hand, is somehow like the dangler, but with a twist. Another pin is attached to the base facing up, using a spring so that the additional pin bounces like a bobble head.

Another advanced type of pin is the lenticular pin. This is the type that is made up of two to three different images, which can be seen only when tilted at a certain angle. These pins are usually made using the photo screening method. A more advanced pin is the LED pin. It lights up and is battery-operated. This kind, however, is very rare nowadays because manufacturers barely produce pins with battery containers. They are also quite costly to make and carry around. Those who have kept LED pins should better take a good hold of them because collectors are on the hunt for these precious custom pins.

There are also “movable” types of pins. One of them is the sliding pin. A different pin is attached to the base. The twist is that the additional pin can be slid across the base pin depending on the grids. These kinds are meticulously done, especially because a path for the slider is needed. Another type is the spinning pin. Obviously, the additional pin can spin up to 180 to 360 degrees. This kind also needs time and skill to produce because it is very important to make the spinning mechanic of the pin work. Pins like these are often used for trading and for collecting. Because they may appear informal, they are not used for awards or membership. They are also sometimes classified as exhibition pins since they have additional elements that create movement.

Some pins are also intended for fun and for mere aesthetics. The flocking pin, for example, has fur or feathers on it. These are made with great intricateness because usually, the feathers are attached to base one by one. These types of pins are also very rare because they have a soft texture that is barely found on pins. These are used to support feminist causes, LGBT rights, or even as nametags for salons or diners. Flocking pins are seldom produced nowadays because their mass demand has decreased. However, collectors and traders would still do anything to acquire one.

There are also different types of the backside of the pin, or what attaches the pin itself to other objects. These are the butterfly clutch, jewelry clutch, safety clasp, magnetic clasp, screw and nut, and stick pin. All of which can be described by what they are called.

No two pins are alike. There will always be one element that will make one different from another. The additional embellishments are what make each pin more special, more valuable, and more desirable for collecting.