Top Characteristics of Best Motivational Speakers

Inspirational speaking is not for everyone. Anybody who is an expert in a certain field can give informative details about something or can give a reassuring message to someone who is facing a difficult time. However, not everyone can become the best motivational speakers. The reason for this is they need to be an expert or be knowledgeable of what they are talking about. They also need to be confident in speaking in front of people and build rapport with their audience.

More and more people are making a living out of giving inspirational speeches. However, only a few are great motivational speakers who can encourage, inspire and motivate their audience.

Top Characteristics
A solid sense of optimism and personal motivation

This is the primary requirement for every inspirational speaker. The idea of motivating a person, let alone a crowd can be a tough job if you are not persuasive enough. The idea of pushing yourself to give your 100 percent best for every task can be challenging to do. This makes motivational speakers who can trigger the drive of other people amazing. One of their secrets is having their own unlimited supply of motivation within themselves.

Keynote speakerThey have mastered the art of living in motivation, which is evident in their achievements – be it in their personal, social or professional lives. The best motivational speakers are efficient and effective because they live based on what they teach. They are also naturally optimistic. They are the best persons to boost morale or encouragement especially during difficult times.

Motivational speakers are capable of spotting reasons to make someone feel good even if negative conditions surround them. They also have the capacity to pair their optimism with a compelling and good talk wherein anyone can relate and understand.

Capacity to connect

The desire to motivate other people will not be useful without the ability to connect with anyone. Look at the greatest inspirational speakers such as JKF, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela just to name a few: they are among the best inspirational speakers in history. They have the capacity to connect with their audience and trigger excitement because they are well aware of what their audience is going through.

The best inspirational speakers are those who the audience sees as a person who they can relate to or a trusted confidant. They have the gift of connecting to each person in the crowd. Their audience can feel that the speaker is directly talking to them.

Most of the greatest inspirational speakers combine wit with honesty, humility and humor. Usually, people find it difficult to connect with anyone who is a perfect stranger or to a person who has achieved a lot. Look at the great inspirational speakers, they always share stories of their past when they were down; committed big mistakes, times where they need to face their insecurities or when they were afraid. This tactic is a perfect way to make the audience feel that the speaker went through what they are going through as well.

An excellent voice

Most inspirational speakers today went through training sessions or lessons on how they can better project their voices. An excellent voice is something that will resonate throughout the room and clearly deliver the message to each individual. The manner of delivery can break or make the message.

There are speakers who were born with great voices. They can speak clearly, modulate their voices to avoid sounding boring and monotonous speech and deliver each word at the right pace. Great inspirational speakers can sustain engagement with their crowd and can transform a supposed to be long and boring lecture into an interesting one.

The motivational speakers provides an inspiring and uplifting program usually built around powerful stories, often personal experiences of the speaker.


Printed Circuit BoardsPrinted Circuit Boards are classified into three categories accordingly. They can be classified according to their various attributes and traditionally, they are divided into three classes according to the first category which is through its use and applications. These three classes are commonly referred to as consumer, professional and high quality PCBs.

1.1Printed Circuit Board type according to use and applications:
a.Consumer PCBs

•This type of printed circuit board is more commonly used in consumer electronic products such as televisions, radios, measuring equipments and cheap tests. The base material used in this type of PCB is cheaper compared to others. Since Consumer PCBs are cheaper than the other types, less importance was given to good and consistent electrical properties.

b.Professional PCBs

•A professional printed circuit board is made of better quality materials as compared to its consumer-grade counterpart. Because of this, professional PCBs costs more but achieves tighter electrical and environmental specifications using controlled fabrication techniques.

c.High Reliability PCBs

•This type of PCB is generally used in strategic applications. Unlike consumer PCBs, the based material used in high reliability PCBs are expensive and of high quality, with tightly controlled manufacturing processes. Thus, High Reliability PCBs gives the best and most consistent electrical properties among the three.

A printed circuit boards can also be classified based on the number of planes or layers of wiring. By classifying PCBs into this category, it has the advantage of being related directly to the board specifications.

1.2Types of PCBs according to Number of Plates or Layers of Wiring
a.Single-Sided Printed Circuit Boards

•This is the most basic type of PCB. This type of PCB is called ‘single-sided’ or ‘single-layer’ because all the components are mounted on one side of the printed circuit board while the conductor pattern is mounted on the other. Single-sided circuit boards are only suitable for single circuits. Since there is only one side, no wires can cross so they have to be routed around each other. They are easily designed and quickly manufactured as well as most cost effective type compared to others.

•Common uses of single sided PCBs are in power supplies, LED lighting, radio and stereo equipment, calculators, vending machines and timing circuits.

b.Double-Side Printed Circuit Boards

•Double-sided PCBs, as what the name suggests, are circuit boards that have a conductor pattern on both sides of the board. Because there are two separate conductor patterns, double-sided PCBs also require an electrical connection between them. This type of PCB is more suited to complicated circuits since they have larger are for the conductor pattern as compared to single sided PCBs.

c.Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

•This type of PCB has multiple conductor patterns inside the board which provides greater area available for wiring compared to the other types. To have multiple layers in a circuit board, several double-sided circuit boards are glued or laminated together with insulating layers in between.

•Large supercomputers usually contain printed circuit boards with a really large number of layers. However, there have been fewer uses and applications for PCBs with a very high layer count.

•The layers of a multilayer printed circuit boards are classified into Signal, Power or Ground planes. In few occasions, there is more than one of both Power and Ground units due to different requirements of the components on supply voltages.

Lastly, printed circuit boards can also be classified based on the type of insulating material used. There is the rigid circuit board which is made up of a variety of materials. Flexible circuit boards, on the other hand, use flexible substrate materials like polyester and polyamide and usually have a very thin base material. Another classification arises from the combination of the two, called the rigid-flex boards where multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates are attached to one or more rigid boards wither internally or externally depending on the design of its application.

High quality Printed Circuit Board fabrication and assembly.

Different Ways a Small Business Can Use a Portable Storage Container

If you’ve been running a small business for some time, chances are you have accumulated more stuff than your storage space can handle, resulting in a cluttered workplace. This can be bad for the business as a chaotic work environment hampers efficiency and productivity. Using portable storage containers may just be the practical option for your storage requirements.

A portable storage container is an affordable, flexible, convenient, and environment-friendly storage solution that is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. Storage containers can be used as semi-permanent addition to the lot and offer additional space at a fraction of the cost of constructing permanent extensions to a building.

ContainersPortable containers are typically refurbished and re-painted retired shipping containers that were built to withstand dynamic ocean climates, inclement weather, heavy cargo loads, and stacking needs. They are protected by secure locking systems and are leak free and wind-resistant.

These sturdy containers have certainly expanded its use to other aspects of business operations from its original purpose as moving containers.

Uses of a Portable Storage container

There are a variety of things that you can store in a portable storage container.

If you’re running a retail company and have to store seasonal or excess inventory on a temporary basis, or need an extra space to accommodate product stocking for new store openings, using an onsite storage unit is more efficient and cost-effective than renting an offsite warehouse to manage your inventory.

Files and documents that aren’t actively used but are required to be kept within business premises can be stored safely and securely in a portable container.

Should you decide to avail of huge discounts by ordering in bulk, you can store office supplies such as paper, folders, pens, stationery and other items you’re using regularly in a storage unit where they will be safe from pests, dust, and moisture. Many businesses find it more economical to order office supplies requirements once a year.

You may have done some downsizing and ended up with extra furniture lying about in the office and taking up precious space that might otherwise be used more productively. If you’re not too keen on disposing them, excess desks and chairs can be stored perfectly in a portable storage unit where they can remain dust-free and maintenance-free.

On the other hand, if you’ve just recently hired an additional employee, you might have to do some re-arranging to make way for the new staff and office furniture. You’ll most likely need extra storage for things that will be displaced.

In times of emergencies and disasters like fire, flood, or earthquake, storage containers can be used to keep valuable items while repairs or preparations for moving are in progress.

If you’re doing some renovations, you can protect your inventory, equipment, furniture, supplies, and other valuable items from dirt and dust by storing them in a portable container.

Temporary Working Area

A storage container can be designed to serve as a temporary working area for employees while a renovation is ongoing.

For construction companies, a portable storage container can serve as a safe and movable job site tools storage or office that can be transported conveniently between construction sites. It can also serve as a coordinating area for supervisors.

Moving to a New Location

You business may have outgrown its current space and has to move to a bigger, more strategic location, or you may have done some serious downsizing and decided it’s more economical to move to a smaller office. A portable container can provide you with the space you need to sort your things and secure the items that you plan to take to the new office.

Portable storage containers offer economical and flexible options to run your business more efficiently and profitably. Depending on your needs, portable storage containers are available for leasing or outright purchase.

Author Bio:
Moveable Container Storage is the price leader in 20ft and 40ft ground level on-site storage containers. Our portable storage container is available for rent or for sale, depending upon your storage needs and budget.

Reasons Why Chat Service for Website is Important for Your Business

ChatThe main trouble of online shoppers is that some online businesses don’t provide chat service for website. Customers always need to have someone to readily answer their inquiries about certain products that they want to purchase. It turns out that other online business increased their sales revenue from the moment they set up their live chat support.

Here are more reasons why you should consider setting up a live chat in your website.

1.Chat Service Is Convenient For Customers

44% of online customers admitted that live chat support is the best thing that websites can offer. It provides instant access to help compared to the long minutes that they have to wait in call centers. In a marketer survey, it was found that 63% of customers are likely to return to websites that provide live chat service for website.

2.Live Chat Eliminates Expenses

Live chat can save the employer from phone expenses. The interaction through chat is found more satisfactory by most customers. There will also be an increased efficiency in employee’s part because he will be able to handle multiple live chats simultaneously. For this reason, they may cut the waiting time of people who wants immediate support.

3.Live Chat Helps To Increase Sales

Generally speaking, live chat can help increase the sales of online businesses due to fast and reliable online customer service. In a recent study, Forbes magazine reported that Wells Fargo gained higher score in customer satisfaction since the day they installed live chat service for website. The main key is that there is always someone who can immediately answer their doubts and confusion regarding their purchases. This prevents the customers from going to other websites to hunt for better looking products.

Customers are also satisfied when the employee can understand his basic needs. Through live chat, the employee can immediately identify his preferences and present him the right kind of product that is perfect for his need.

4.Live Chat Makes You Better Than Your Competition

In a recent study of TELUS International, they found that many top online businesses don’t have live chat service for website. So if you want to increase your edge on your competition, live chat is the key feature that you need to provide for your customers. This may not only be a great way for you to increase your sales, but it will also be the key for you to reach the top. In a recent study, it was found that 75% of customers do their shopping online to avoid the busy traffic on the road and in the markets. This is the best time for you to gain an edge against your competition.

5.Live Chat Provides Greater Assurance to Customers

Most customers experienced frustrations in their fast purchasing transactions and turn to online stores to seek better satisfaction, which is what marketers call ‘pain points’. Through live chat support, employees will have easier access to customers’ pain points and will then be able to assure the customers that their products are able to perform as advertised. They will also be able to ensure the consumers about their ongoing discount promos.

So now, you can see the importance of setting up a live chat support in your online business. It’s simply the best way to attract more customers and increase your sales.

Live chat can offer you incredible rewards if you learn to execute it correctly. It is therefore important that you train your employees very well on how to use the program. You need to make sure that the responses don’t sound so robotic so that your customers will feel at ease in their conversations through live chat service for website.