Social networks are a very important part of online reputation and an essential channel for promoting content, as well as helping to improve a company’s branding. Facebook continues to be the most widely used general social network in worldwide and, for this reason, it is the most recommended for B2C businesses.

In order to increase traffic to your website derived from Facebook and, therefore, sales, you need to gain followers on your fan page. Of course, smm reseller panel and buying followers is not the solution to increase your fan base, since for this to translate into an increase in sales opportunities, your followers must be genuinely interested in the content you publish.

However, there are some guidelines that, combined with some consistency and with the Facebook promotion tool, can help you attract more followers to your fan page.

How to Get More Followers on Facebook

  • Contests: It is one of the fastest ways to make your fan page grow, especially if you give the contest a boost with Facebook Ads so that the participants go beyond your followers. Make sure you are raffling something relevant to your audience and making participation in the contest easy and fun, so as not to put off potential contestants and share it with their friends. Establish as one of the conditions to participate that users must give ‘Like’ to your fan page.
  • Publish Frequently: If you post excessively, you run the risk of tiring your followers and stopping them from following you, while if you go without publishing for a long time, you will also lose followers. For a conventional company, one post a day is enough on the other hand a second option is to for more customer and fans.
  • Experiment with the Formats: Facebook is a very visual network, so do not stay only in the texts with links and bet on images that manage to impact or excite your followers. Videos are a format that also works very well on Facebook and goes viral with great ease.
  • Publish in Facebook Groups: they have a highly segmented audience, so focus on groups that are related to the theme or sector of your company.
  • Link your Profile: In addition to the header of your website, link to your fan page from the email signature or include it in the newsletter to cover the widest possible audience.
  • Study the IDEAL time of Publication: Try to achieve maximum impact, publishing when your potential audience is connected. To locate the ideal time, you must know your audience, although Facebook statistics can give you a clue as to when your content works best, so do a trial and error strategy to find out.
  • Make use of Facebook Ads: Get more fans for your page with Facebook Ads, selecting “Promote your page” as the objective of your ad to get more ‘Likes’. This tool also allows you to select other purposes, such as attracting more traffic to the web, achieving the greatest possible reach, increasing the number of interactions, generating leads or even being found by users who are close to your business; all in order to increase your projection on the net whatever your budget. To get the best out of Facebook Ads, you must have a clear and defined bidding strategy.
  • Collaborate with influencers: Establish agreements with recognized people who have a significant base of followers to recommend your page, but make sure that these match your potential audience.
  • Take Care of your Content: Maintaining the quality of your content is an essential factor so that users do not stop following you. In addition to creating publications on current affairs, do not neglect ‘evergreen’ or content that lasts over time, as it will be content that can continue to be shared (and, therefore, reaching more people) for a long time.
  • Integrate Facebook Comments on your Website: In this way, when a user comments on a content on your blog, it will appear on their wall, being visible to all their contacts and facilitating the possibility of them becoming followers.
  • -Share Content from your Page on other Social Networks: You can transfer the followers of another social network to Facebook by sharing the link of an image or a Facebook post on LinkedIn or Twitter.