Creating your own business can be exciting as you dig into your entrepreneurial spirit and dream of a life in which you’re the boss. However, many aspiring small business owners make the leap without planning properly. In truth, launching a business requires the diligence to manage small details. Below, we’ll give you a brief primer on the critical pieces involved in starting up your own business.

Create Your Business Plan

Most great businesses begin with a business plan. In effect, it’s a blueprint that shows how your business will make money and become a viable enterprise. Your plan may include a market analysis, details about how your company will allocate its resources and a marketing strategy. Don’t take this lightly. Though there are businesses that succeed without a plan, there are far more that fail without one.

Assemble Your Team

Your team should include a good lawyer, accountant and your local bank manager. Each offers a set of unique benefits that can help you sustain and grow your business. Your lawyer can draft documents and provide legal advice when needed. Your accountant will ensure timely payment of business income taxes and can offer insight about how to minimize these taxes. Finally, your bank manager can help you secure financing when your business needs cash flow to grow.

Determine Your Company Type

When you establish your small business, you’ll discover that there are several company types from which to choose. The structure of your business is important. Your accountant can help you decide whether your company should be registered as a sole trader, partnership, limited liability company, or other type. Each form of business type carries different legal implications.

Secure Your Financing

Most businesses need money to operate. If you’re starting a 1-man shop in which you’re the only employee, you may be able to survive on your bank savings and credit cards. However, if your business needs more cash flow, consider approaching your bank manager for a credit line or loan. You can also explore getting a grant from the government. Financing is easy to overlook. But, it’s one of the most important parts of starting up your own business.

Getting It Off The Ground

If you’ve taken the time to draft your business plan, assemble your team of professionals, choose your company type and secure your financing, you’ve traveled further than most aspiring business owners. Now, it’s time to launch your business. With the above components and people in place, you’ve increased your odds of small business success.