Aprilia RSV4 RF Prices, And Latest Specifications

Aprilia RSV4 RF Prices, And Latest Specifications

Aprilia RSV4 RF is one of the latest Aprilia sports motorcycles which has a 999.6cc engine capacity with a more agile, more powerful and faster performance. The design which he argues is also very interesting because the design of the RSV4 RF Aprilia motorbike is very well known as the racing motorcycles in the GP motorbike event. Interestingly, this motorbike is already equipped with racing specifications and only produced in hundreds of units in the world.

Because this motorbike is a limited edition Aprilia RSV4 RF motor, this is fairly expensive. To have 1 unit of this Aprilia bikes in the official price of £ 17,995. Aprilia RSV4 RF motorbike is a superbike motorbike variant from Aprilia which has very fast and powerful acceleration. Meanwhile, the Aprilia also posted some of the latest technology for its security systems such as Wheelie Control, Launch Control, and Traction Control technology which will make the security system on this motorbike safer. But another thing that drivers need to consider when driving a superbike motorbike is safety in using this big motorbike. The following is a detailed review of Aprilia RSV4 RF:

Design and Dimensions

Carrying the design of a racing motorbike with a full fairing that covers all parts of the motorbike’s frame and also the engine of the motorbike, making this motorbike very distinctive with the feel of racing. This has become one of the distinguishing features of the Aprilia RSV4 RR motorbike with the Aprilia RSV4 RF which both have very similar designs and motors. This time Aprilia RSV4 RF is equipped with color striping and graphics that are quite modern so that this motorbike is more thick with the aura of a racing motor at the Gp motorbike event. In addition, the RSR4 RF Aprilia motorbike is also designed with the features and specifications of a good motor and is able to provide optimal performance.

Aprilia RSV4 RF motor is also equipped with a more modern headlamp design and futuristic with LED lights. And with the design and position of the motor handlebar that is ideal will produce more perfect handling. Moreover, the motor has a large enough tank size of the motor and can accommodate around 18.5 liters of fuel. In addition to the price of Aprilia RSV4 RF which is quite expensive, Aprilia also provides a comfortable level of seating for the driver who is padded and has a thickness of around 840 mm so that the rider will be more comfortable when riding this motorbike.

Having a motor length that reaches 2,040 mm with a width of 735 mm accompanied by a motor height that reaches 1,120 mm makes this Aprilia sport motorbike easier to use and has a good motor balance when used in performing maneuvers. Meanwhile, the weight of the motor that reaches 181 kg will make this motor more stable when accelerating. Then by using 17-inch diameter racing wheels with tubeless tires, each measuring 120/70 ZR and 200/55 ZR will be able to produce more maximum spake on this motorbike.

Performance V4 engine with 999cc

Carrying the Aprilia V4 engine 65 ° longitudinal, 4-stroke, liquid cooling system, double overhead camshaft (DOHC), four valves per cylinder motor is capable of producing power of 201 hp with a spin on the engine of 13,000 rpm. For the torque produced is quite large namely with 115 Nm with an engine speed of 10,500 rpm the beat on the torque produced becomes larger and is able to produce motor noise that is bigger and more powerful. This motorbike is also equipped with a 6-Speed ​​Cassette transmission system with a gearbox type.

Strong Suspension and Legs

As the newest motorcycle in the 1000cc motorbike class, Aprilia RSV4 RF motor is equipped with a tough and soft suspension system when going through various road conditions. Using a suspension type SACHS steering damper with a diameter of 43mm and having a wheel travel of 120 mm makes the front of the motorbike more comfortable and, more softs when going through bumpy roads. And for the rear of this motorbike has been equipped with a suspension type Aluminum alloy swingarm with a 130 mm travel wheel that will make the back of this motorbike more comfortable when used.

Modern Features

Some of the modern and sophisticated safety features have been embedded in this 1000cc motorbike. Having a very fast motor speed makes the Aprilia design and design this motorbike with a high level of safety. Some technology embedded in this motorbike such as Wheelie Control, Launch Control, and Traction Control technology will provide a fairly high level of safety on this motorbike. The braking technology is more reliable and more resilient so that it is able to withstand the speed of the motor which is quite cocky. It has several modern features and sophisticated technology, so it is not surprising that the price of this RSV4 RF Aprilia is becoming more expensive compared to other types of motorcycles.