Video Conferencing Is a Key Tool for Doing Business Remotely

The internet is humming around the clock with meetings of all kinds. The connections are alive with individual chats, webinars, class sessions and video conferencing.

A Special Form of Telecommunications

Generally, two or more people will join a video conference, which is an audio-visual telecommunications call, for a meeting. For many established and new companies, schools, organizations and other groups, video conferencing is a key tool to conduct business remotely.

Basic equipment and resources needed for video conferencing include access to the internet, a computer and a display device, such as a laptop or desktop computer monitor or a television screen, and software.

A video conference may be conducted among computer-users, or a session may be a more complex production involving a meeting room supplied with cameras, microphones, writing screens and other equipment. The extra equipment may be appropriate for larger, instructional meetings with people speaking and interacting …