Portable air conditioners present as a solution to dissipate heat in your home. This device is far more practical than ordinary air conditioners who have trouble installing it. The size is not too large so it is easy to move, adding to the advantages of portable air conditioners. This device is suitable for you who want to relax during the day. Here we present recommendations for portable AC products that are suitable for you.

Blaux portable ac

Blaux introduces its newest portable air conditioner which is flexible and suitable for use anywhere. blaux portable ac has a turbo cooling feature to cool the room quickly. When the air has cooled, the ion generator feature activates and immediately purifies the air or what they call the refresh laundry mode. There is also a sleep mode feature that keeps you from getting cold in two ways. First, the ac temperature will rise automatically every hour and second, the ac will turn off automatically after a few hours.

Its strength is 1 pk and using a freon type cooler so it quickly lowers the temperature of the room. Concerning safety, child lock is available to prevent children from pressing buttons, and there is self cleaning when there is dust clogging in the machine. Do not forget because this is a product made by Blaux, the plasmacluster system is available to eradicate flying viruses and germs. Especially in the current pandemic.

For electricity consumption, classified as middle to lower with a total of 960 watts. Regarding its dimensions, this Portable Blaux AC is still relatively compact although it is rather heavy compared to other products. The size is 50 x 83 x 45 cm and weighs around 4.5 kg.

Owned Features

For optimal and easy use, pay attention to the features it has. Examples are the time timer feature, air flow directioner, and turbo mode. These various features help you in using and feeling the benefits of using Portable AC.


In line with the AC features, this side is related to flexibility. For example wheels for easy removal of AC. Do not forget the wheel lock feature so that the AC position is not easily shifted. Some brands also provide a remote control so that they can adjust without moving the body.

How to Take Care of Portable Air Conditioners

Some ways to treat portable air conditioners so that they are more optimal and durable are as follows. First is to always wash the filter so that the air flow stays smooth and no dust is blown out. Be diligent about washing filters, at least once a week so that dust does not stick permanently on the filter.

Second is to provide free space behind the air conditioner as a place to suck air to be distributed. Make sure it is adequately sized and there is no dust around the area.

The third point is routine cleaning of portable air conditioners thoroughly in addition to the filter area. Can be started from the body, air blowing holes, water tanks, up to the engine inside with freon pipes. The thing that must be maintained is to be careful so that no electrical panels are exposed to water.


The presence of portable air conditioners is indeed an alternative to conventional room air conditioners. Although the power is not as strong as AC type patents, the practicality of use and placement is a plus.

You can use it alternately in the bedroom and family room as a means of providing cool air in the room. Do not forget the ventilation settings and empty space where the engine suction air, as well as service routines to make portable ac more efficient and durable in use. productnation