Gift Ideas for the Birthday Couple in a Long Distance Relationship


If you and your partner are one of the couples who are in a Long Distance Relationship relationship, you must often have difficulties when you want to celebrate happy moments together, including when he has a birthday. Sometimes, trusting each other and maintaining smooth communication is not enough to color your love. On the one hand, you also want to give something special as a gift for your boyfriend. however, the difficulties that are often faced are because you cannot give gifts to the boyfriend directly. As a result, you are confused about what birthday gifts are practical to give to people who are far away. Well, in this article, you can find a surprise gift inspiration for Long Distance Relationship that will impress him!

1. Love Letter or Letter for a Far Girlfriend

This first gift idea for your boyfriend may sound cringe to you, but make no mistake …

Here’s How to Packs Electronics for Sellers

In the digital era like now, the use of communication media such as gadgets is a major necessity. Technology has a very important role. Starting from our waking up to sleep at night. We are never separated from electronic goods. Ranging from work, traveling by transportation to ordering food, all can be facilitated by online technology. With the convenience of the internet, we can find various online stores that sell electronic goods. Either in social media or e-commerce, we can easily find it. Sadly, in real life, many sellers are don’t understand how to pack electronic goods properly and correctly.

Adjust Package Size

For large electronic items, you should use a large cardboard too. To fill in the blanks, you can use old newspaper to fill in the blank spaces. This is important to prevent collisions that can occur while shipping is being carried out. You can also use a …