Here’s How to Packs Electronics for Sellers

Here’s How to Packs Electronics for Sellers

In the digital era like now, the use of communication media such as gadgets is a major necessity. Technology has a very important role. Starting from our waking up to sleep at night. We are never separated from electronic goods. Ranging from work, traveling by transportation to ordering food, all can be facilitated by online technology. With the convenience of the internet, we can find various online stores that sell electronic goods. Either in social media or e-commerce, we can easily find it. Sadly, in real life, many sellers are don’t understand how to pack electronic goods properly and correctly.

Adjust Package Size

For large electronic items, you should use a large cardboard too. To fill in the blanks, you can use old newspaper to fill in the blank spaces. This is important to prevent collisions that can occur while shipping is being carried out. You can also use a delivery service from Rhenus Lupprians. Rhenus Lupprians offers white glove delivery and provides a comprehensive list of logistics solutions and technical installation expertise.

Use tools that guarantee package security

You should first understand how to pack electronic goods that are good and right. Considering many electronics are sensitive and require special attention. The following are some tips that can be used as a way of packing electronic goods that can be followed, including:

Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap or plural plastic bubbles are used on all electronic goods that use boxes. This serves as a barrier to keep the goods from collision. That way, your online shop consumer will still receive goods following 100% condition

Generally, fragile electronic items such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops require extra security because they are easily damaged and the price is quite expensive. This also needs to be a concern for the seller.

Use Styrofoam

You can use Styrofoam as a way to send electronic goods. The soft nature of Styrofoam can reduce the impact of gadgets or electronic goods being shipped.

Pack the Package as Neat as Possible

After packing the inside of the package of goods neatly and precisely, the next step is to pack the outside of the package as neatly as possible. You can pack everything neatly by using insulation. Try isolating all layers of cardboard neatly, then gives information about the fragility of goods being sent. This is enough to help the couriers on duty to be more careful in sending the goods.

Using Wooden Crates

For shipping large electronic items such as TVs, Home Theater, Sound Systems, laptops, and others, you can use wooden crates as a place to send them. Because wooden crates are strong enough to protect electronic goods from colliding with other items. You can use a lot of wooden crates according to the size of the cardboard goods sent.