Interview Curriculum Vitae Job Interview Application

Finding a job is a job! But before you start looking for a job, you must have a readable, attractive and short curriculum vitae. A recruiter spends only about 5 to 15 seconds on each CV, before making a first selection. You must therefore be able to convince them in this period of time that you are worth an interview. Your resume must showcase your assets as a candidate. It is meant to be a document that summarizes and presents the main stages of your professional life. It should reflect your personality and catch the recruiter’s attention.

Prepare your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief presentation of your profile that shows who you are and what you expect from your future position in a few sentences. Generally, the pitch is included in the CV, the cover letter and it will also use it when you introduce yourself to recruiters or people in your network. Take the time to work on this part of the CV so that you can summarize your strengths and expectations in a few sentences. If you dry up on this point, professional coaching will allow you to reflect on yourself to achieve it.

Personalize your CV for each Application

Having to edit your CV for each application, in addition to your cover letter, can seem tedious. And that’s a good reason for doing it! Of course, it’s not about turning everything upside down from A to Z; your education remains the same for instance. But it is in your best interest to add or remove items depending on the position sought. You can make a classic CV online for your convenience. Likewise, be careful to differentiate between the generalist CV that you submit in an agency which can fall into the hands of different recruiters after a thorough analysis, and the CV that you send directly to a company, for a specific position.

Enter the Right Keywords

As with a blog post and its keywords, you will be referenced by the recruiter only if the right words or phrases appear in your CV. In other words, those that immediately catch the eye. It is interesting to specify with evidence such as figures for example what you have accomplished previously. It could be a victory on a tough file, a successful partnership, reaching or exceeding your goals if you had them. This data must of course coincide with the needs of the business.