How to Start a Business Without Capital

How to start a business without capital is too good to be true. However, that does not mean that to build a business you must always spend all the contents of your savings. That doesn’t mean you can’t build a business if you don’t have a lot of money.

Why? In this digital era, you are lucky to be able to start a business without capital. Of course this is a solution because collecting large investment costs for initial capital is not an easy matter.

The most important key to starting a business without capital is that you can take advantage of the resources that exist today. Including yourself!

If you are among those who aspire to be an entrepreneur but have no capital, then here are some tips you can do to make it happen:

1. Start with what you have

Running a successful business, of course, starts with how you use the resources available today. This can be applied at the beginning of your step, namely by looking for business ideas.

Start answering questions such as:

  • What are you good at?
  • What are your skills?
  • Do you have a particular interest that can then be turned into a service or service based business?
  • What assets do you currently have? And others.

In fact, relying on a variety of basic competencies (basic skills) alone can become provisions for how to start a business without capital. This includes utilizing small assets such as laptops and the internet.

Anyway, the more you find out what is reliable, the more resources you can use to build a business.

For example, if you are someone who is interested in art, you can start by opening a design service or working on a specific project related to art. Or it could be that if you have a singing talent, you can use it to build an Event Organizer (EO) business to fill certain events.

Because in general, service-based businesses will tend to be easy to do with low investment capital and are more flexible. In fact, the business is also unmitigated to give you high income.

2. Maintain your current job

Deciding to quit your current job to explore your passion for starting a business, does sound promising. But in fact, this is not the best solution to do. Successful business people shouldn’t be afraid to take risks, but they also have to be realistic.

The right step you can take is to build a business while still working. Because, work can provide you with security to earn a stable income, as well as a solution when your business is in decline.

Yup, running a business while working is going to drain you mentally and a lot of energy. However, while you are willing to survive for a few months, it is possible that your business position can get better.

Until later, when you want to focus on business alone, the decision to resign from work can be more stable.

At least with a steady income, you can feel less worried if you want to take important actions for your business. For example, creating product prototypes from monthly salary savings, recruiting employees or running various types of promotions on social media and so on.

3. Willing to bother

If you are enthusiastic about finding a way to start a business without capital, you also have to be prepared to do anything to achieve it. Because automatically if you don’t have capital, business competition can be tighter. Hence, in order to save costs, you must be willing to do everything yourself.

4. Rely on online platforms

Relying on an online system will be very useful especially for a business that is just starting out. There are many ways to start an online business without capital, one of which is to build a website.

By using a website, you can introduce business services practically, while making it easier for customers to reach your business. Here are some of the advantages of having a business website:

  • Save costs – the costs incurred to build a “shop” in cyberspace is much more efficient than having an offline “shop”.
  • Online brochures – it’s easier to distribute information via search engines, so there’s no need to pay for brochures.
  • Business is open 24 hours – by relying on a website, your business can automatically run non-stop for 24 hours.
  • It’s easy to try new ideas – your website can function as a platform for trying out new ideas and waiting for an effective customer response.
  • Product and service storefronts – You can use the website as a storefront for your products and services freely.

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