All Cleaner for Android. I am sure from the name itself you can understand what this app is and what it does? Yes, you are correct. The app is use to clean your Android like super phone cleaner. Clean what? I know this is the question now comes to your mind. You may think that there’s nothing to clean in your Android. But if the performance of the Android becomes weaker and weaker with the time then sure you must clean your Android. Now the demand for the cleaner apps for Androids increases all around the globe. There are countless number of cleaner apps you can have for your Android. But this app All Cleaner can identify as a cleaner that rated top in the cleaner app list like Clean Master was.

What All Cleaner does?

The app All Cleaner is just like an all-rounder which surely boost the device performance. This is the best solution you can have to overcome from your slow Android and also for the less storage space issues you face. As well it gives you the opportunity to cool your Android that aids to maintain the device performance in optimum conditions.

Key services of the All Cleaner

There are some special features offers by this app which really helps for the better sustain of the Android.

Cleaning junk

The first most important feature regarding the app is help a lot in cleaning our device properly. This cleans the device 100 per cent perfectly by removing all sort of unwanted files buried up there in our Android.  These unwanted files get accumulate in all of our Android. But these files lack concerns of ours most of the time. This leads to accumulate high heaps of these junk files and ultimately lead to slower your device. Plus, the storage space gets lesser and lesser. You will not sometimes get opportunity to download even an image due to this and it will make you angry. But nothing to worry about these conditions if you have All Cleaner app in your Android. You can install this app on Android TV box to free up storage space too. Use Filelinked to find more Android TV cleaning tools.

What these junk files are? These junk files simply can describe as temporary used files. The files that the system uses when downloading some apps are of temporary use and these becomes junk files once it is used. As well the cache files, cookies, residual files are also falling in to this category of the junk files.

Is the app cleaning only junk files? Of course not. In addition to the junk files this helps to free from low-quality or duplicated images, videos and audios too.

Boosting the Android

The cleaning of the junk files as well as the RAM leads to enhance the device performance. With the All Cleaner in your Android everyday will become very comfortable to use. It acts just like a new Android every day.

Feel the difference of your Android performance by downloading All Cleaner now in your Android. Available for free download on Aptoide, Play Store and AC Market.

All Cleaner app for PC

Now you can run All cleaner app on your PC (Windows and Mac) with Nox player android emulator. Nox player is an android emulator developed for Windows and Mac PCs. It is a freeware so you can download Nox player for free from the official website. After you download and install nox player for PC, you can download all cleaner app to your PC through Nox player emulator.