Things You Need to Know Before Dealing with the Recruitment Agency

Many companies need recruitment agency services to fill their vacancies. The recruitment agency will filter the job applicants before sending candidates to companies in need. In Thailand, Criterion Asia as Recruitment Agency Bangkok can be the right choice for companies who look for new employees. However, before dealing with a recruitment agency, there are a few things you should know:

1. The various type of agency

You should know that there are different types of agencies. Some agencies only focus on finding workers for the long term; some focus on temporary workers. Some agencies prioritize senior roles; others focus on graduates. It is why doing research is very important to put yourself in the right agency.

2. Adjust the CV

A personal description is not enough to be listed on the CV as a job applicant. Attach your relevant skills and experience to convince consultants. Both of these can also be an assessment of the extent of your achievements and abilities.

3. Select the appropriate job

Even though there are a lot of job openings, that doesn’t mean you can apply as much as you want. Choose a job that suits your interests and expertise. Applying for a position that is relevant to your interests, this proves that you are serious about getting the position.

4. Build a good relationship

The agency is your intermediary in finding work. In this process, there will be a lot of communication you go through. Please don’t be rude or give any bad impression because it would result bad for both parties.

5. Discipline and be on time

Aside from being discipline, be as polite as possible in replying to emails and picking up the phone. If you cannot attend the interview, let the agency know beforehand! Keep in mind that the agency hates wasting time.

Those are the five things you should know before meeting with the agency. Choose the right recruitment agency that matches your criteria.

Good luck!