Why study abroad?

Do not hesitate to study abroad if the opportunity arises. The experience of studying and living abroad will provide many advantages and add your value with the increasingly competitive workforces.

If you are studying abroad, aside from getting prestige, you will also has a bright career path compared to graduates in the country. Whether because your English ability or because large companies are generally from abroad. The fact is that almost all large company management are coming from people who have educational background abroad. A lot of people who are foreign graduates want to open their own business and they grew faster because of their vast capital network. One of the things that can open up opportunities to study abroad is to go to an international school. International schools students will be equipped with good English skills and an international standard curriculum. Students will not be surprised if they have to study abroad later.

One of the schools in Thailand that can help develop your child’s talents and abilities to be able to go to school abroad is Wells International School. The curriculum used is international standard, and we use English in school. The school has full facilities to support your child’s learning activities. If you are looking for an international school for your children, Wells International School Bangkok is one of the best international schools you can choose in Thailand.

The following are the Advantages of Studying Abroad

  1. World-class quality education.
  2. Modern and complete teaching and learning facilities.
  3. The teaching staff is highly educated, communicative, and trained in conducting research.
  4. Various choices of majors.
  5. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the industry.
  6. The courses focus on majors.
  7. Graduates are internationally recognized.
  8. Have friends from various countries.
  9. Improved English skills.
  10. Safe, comfortable, healthy and, orderly environment.
  11. Opportunity to do relaxation activities and sports for life balance.
  12. There are opportunities to work part time in some countries.